DC Harvest Review
DC Harvest Review
DC Harvest Review
DC Harvest Review
DC Harvest Review



A few exciting flavors are listed on the menu, but they aren't available as bottomless options, so for our purposes it's classic OJ all the way. At $26, it's not cheap, but it gets the job done.



You'd be hard-pressed to make a croissant sandwich with a side salad worth $20, and unfortunately, this one isn't. A burger will similarly cost you, but at least you'll be full.



Serving mimosas a carafe at a time is a great way to ensure we're never empty, and the complimentary samples of nitro cold brew are an unexpected treat.



Despite reservations requiring a per-person deposit (you may be sensing a theme here!), most tables were empty, which combined with dim lighting makes for a disappointingly sleepy feel.

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