Carving Room Review
Carving Room Review
Carving Room Review
Carving Room Review
Carving Room Review



Fair warning, the Mt. Vernon location doesn't officially offer a bottomless option yet... but that didn't stop the Bottomless Bros from finagling one, anyway. It even worked out in our favor, since they were much better stocked with champagne than orange juice.



As its name implies, a restaurant called Carving Room is fundamentally a sandwich place -- you can't go wrong with the pastrami options, you'd just better be in the mood for them and not more traditional brunch fare.



Everything's gravy after the manager honored their incorrect phone confirmation that a bottomless option was already available, but our server did embark on a long lecture about how drinking affects your stomach and really you should eat first. When bottomless is up and running, we'd suggest ditching the biology lesson.



Apparently the rest of D.C. figured out the Mt. Vernon location didn't offer a bottomless option, since the place was practically empty. At least we had our choice of outdoor tables to sit under direct sunlight at.

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The $45 charge for bottomless drinks alone is a dollar more than the entire Ambar experience (and, notably, $10 more than the price listed on Dirty Habit's website), so things weren't looking good for this score the moment we got the menu.

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