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The self-service negates our usual commentary on champagne levels -- this freedom's appreciated, moments of embarrassment for poor pourers aside. The flavor choices are among the best you'll encounter; take the week off from orange and enjoy blackberry, strawberry, or whatever special syrup's on offer.



There's a nice variety of brunch staples and all-day entree options; the fried chicken biscuit's to die for, dangerously close to literally.



The two-hour limit's apparently negotiable if you ask nicely, and they were extremely chill about our group's early-arrivers occupying a table for half an hour without ordering anything while waiting for our full party.



If you can nab an outdoor table, Pennsylvania Avenue's a bustling backdrop, but even the inside offers a snug feel befitting the whiskey-inspired name.

Other Recent Brunches

May 27, 2023

Dolce Vita Review

Dolce Vita

14th Street


A varied selection of a few omelettes, benedicts, and sandwiches each extend the offerings beyond the usual brunch menu size, and Dolce's even a worthy entrant into the #pizzabrunch discussion.

May 06, 2023

Via Sophia Review

Via Sophia



A $15 bottomless mimosa charge will always win over our hearts (we are nothing if not on brand), but bringing over elegant individual carafes is a guaranteed swoon.

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