Boxcar Tavern Review
Boxcar Tavern Review
Boxcar Tavern Review
Boxcar Tavern Review
Boxcar Tavern Review
Boxcar Tavern Review
Boxcar Tavern Review
Boxcar Tavern Review

Eastern Market, Capitol Hill

224 7th St SE, Washington, DC




Two bottomless options are on offer, classic OJ and a peach bellini, but choose carefully — they're served by a generous carafe per person, so you're quite committed to whatever you select. (We do recommend the bellini, which packs a distinctive peach flavor while not shortchanging the champagne.)



The menu is about as standard a collection of brunch fare as you'll find, but what Boxcar lacks in creativity it more than makes up for in value. Most brunch entrees cap out at $14 without leaving you hungry — a full avocado's on the toast, and even rampant eggflation doesn't dilute the omelette portions.



As simple as the carafes were, we suspect they served a larger strategy of minimizing the number of times a server needed to check on us. We had more time than one could possibly need to study a menu that's largely just a question of how you'd like your eggs, and then hardly saw our waiter after ordering — it's a good thing no one needed a refill (except our poor coffee drinkers).



The long, narrow corridor means most of the seating is at the bar or small booths directly across from it. While this probably makes Boxcar a homey spot to grab a drink after work, it relegates larger brunch groups to a small back of the restaurant, where you're more liable to find yourself situated near crying young children than fellow bottomless brunchers.

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