Ellington Park Bistro Review
Ellington Park Bistro Review
Ellington Park Bistro Review
Ellington Park Bistro Review
Ellington Park Bistro Review
Ellington Park Bistro Review
Ellington Park Bistro Review




The spritzes make the bottomless option quite worthwhile; mimosas are on offer, as well, but when $28 lets you pick among four (we endorse the pomegranate, but you can't go wrong) sizable options, you won't need to reach for the ol' OJ standby.



The menu has some reminders you're dining in a hotel restaurant — the granola and overnight oats starter prices exceed some entrees we've seen — but the main courses are well worth the price of admission, with some appreciated spins on classic brunch offerings.



Our server both kept things going beyond the stated 90-minute limit and gave us a last call option before even that extension was exhausted, and spared no effort in locating the last baked goods from their breakfast offerings.



The outdoor patio was shockingly underutilized (as in, only our group utilized it) given the tree cover and bustling intersection view, even if a bit of fence-hopping was required to join our table without walking through the St. Gregory Hotel lobby and entire restaurant interior.

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The $96 caviar and lox platter takes the cake as the most expensive brunch entree we’ve seen by a solid sixty bucks or so, but the rest of the menu is reasonably priced in the high teens

We're like the postmen. We brunch in rain, sleet, or snow

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