Gatsby Review
Gatsby Review
Gatsby Review
Gatsby Review
Gatsby Review
Gatsby Review
Gatsby Review
Gatsby Review
Gatsby Review



For a brunch spot, the mimosas were disappointing, but the cocktail options are aplenty and delicious, with a bourbon selection providing a rare opportunity to minimize the sugar. Be prepared to photograph them all (points for presentation), and with enough of them, you'll be left cheers-ing like Leonardo DiCaprio in, well, Gatsby.



The portions are hefty, so come hungry, but don't sleep on the sides. From brisket poutine to mini pancakes, you're not short on options to customize or spruce up your choices, unless the indecision becomes too much.



Our waitress wasn't afraid to (deservedly) mock our drinking pace when she was eager to bring over more cocktail options, and the spectacle of carrying the drinks up in an elevator brought the presentation to the next level (er, story?).



It's a Choose Your Own Adventure, with the vibe shifting quite literally depending on your seat. In one direction, you've got the full Great Gatsby experience, from charming period piece portraits to rustic literary views; in another you'll get a classier Denny's; and in one more you have good ol' Nats Park. Unfortunately you'll also enter another dimension, or at least a black hole, when you use the restroom, so bring a flashlight and plot your route.

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February 10, 2024

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The Commodore's very straightforward approach to brunch starts where it should, with a $21 bottomless option that leaves the champagne-to-orange juice (among other options!) ratio in the user's hands.

January 13, 2024

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A single mimosa option's all that's on offer, but with saffron and some other mystery ingredients it doesn't get tiresome, and just as importantly, it's included with a brunch entree for the low, low price of $32.

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