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Lyle's Review
Lyle's Review
Lyle's Review
Lyle's Review
Lyle's Review
Lyle's Review
Lyle's Review



Look, we're rarely going to complain about rolling carafes of sparkling wine with fancy flavors to pour into it, but we will if two of the four advertised — and arguably most distinctive — options are unavailable, especially at the outset of a full brunch weekend and with a $28 price tag.



Lyle's sits in a luxury hotel, and their brunch food is equally luxurious. The dishes are mostly your standard brunch fare, but just a little extra (tasty). Hash browns almost au gratin, a perfectly curly french fry, a short rib and grits hash with a je ne sais quoi ... okay, basically maybe they should've just gone for it and wrote the menu in French.



Lyle's is not quiet (more to come on this), so their waiters work hard to keep pace. Our server was pleasant and accommodating, swapping in off-menu mixers to address the aforementioned supply issues, but mostly just efficient as they had no time for chitchat beyond dropping off the requisite sparkling wine. Maybe leave two carafes at a time with us, though.



The "Bottomless Brunch DJ Session" is as described, for better or worse. Livening up an otherwise sophisticated and classy interior, the addition of a (fantastic, shoutout to Fes Hat Entertainment) DJ has you absolutely dancing in your seat, but also wondering both why you left your clubbing outfit at home and what your brunch compatriot is trying to scream in your ear. Call us unfortunate (never old), but perhaps try to secure a booth three decibels away from the music.

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