Present Company Public House Review
Present Company Public House Review
Present Company Public House Review
Present Company Public House Review

Present Company Public House

Mt Vernon, Chinatown

438 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC




Sadly, no one on our team went for the Miller High Life included in the $20 bottomless option, but the mimosas are quickly refilled, if a little weak.



A lunch menu is on offer for those who wish, but the star are the breakfast options, allowing you to enjoy a good Benedict with avocado at a quite reasonable price, with a hefty portion of hash browns on the side, to boot.



Our server indulged our strange request for an alcoholic beverage served in a kiddie cup (Present Company's nothing if not an all-inclusive neighborhood bar, albeit with far too long a name), and was generally willing to humor our likely-quite-annoying table.



To a long-term Washingtonian, it can't help but pale in comparison to previous occupant Sixth Engine, but at least they kept the Dalmation-with-a-fire-hat painting, ensuring the friendly vibe lives on.

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