Sababa Review
Sababa Review
Sababa Review
Sababa Review
Sababa Review
Sababa Review
Sababa Review
Sababa Review



Brunch isn't, strictly speaking, Sababa's thing — the bottomless option's only available on Sundays, and only in orange juice or plain old champagne forms. But at only $15 for the privilege, at least you don't pay for more than you get.



The menu lives up to its Michelin pedigree, even if the need for a few small plates to complete the meal drives the price a bit higher than the $15 entrees make things seem. Potato latkes are an ideal conduit for benedicts, and every kebab option is succulent, but it's the collection of appetizers that truly makes the meal. You'll never know how much you need brunch halumi until you try it.



Sababa being a touch above bottomless brunch is evident in the service — on the plus side, our server was knowledgeable enough to grab a pen and strike out every menu option our allergic compatriot shouldn't order; on the minus side, sometimes we didn't get refills for a while.



Brunch may be on Sunday, but the sleek, airy main dining area offers anything but a sleepy vibe — for a moment or two, you might even forget you're in Cleveland Park.

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