Taco Bell Cantina Review
Taco Bell Cantina Review
Taco Bell Cantina Review
Taco Bell Cantina Review
Taco Bell Cantina Review
Taco Bell Cantina Review
Taco Bell Cantina Review
Taco Bell Cantina Review
Taco Bell Cantina Review



Read the digital kiosk prompts carefully — the screen tricked several of our compatriots into purchasing two additional shots for their frozen drinks, which ups the price of an alcoholic Baja Blast to $17, or a low-end bottomless drinks deal. As not great as this tastes, it's actually preferable to the sugar high of a second Baja Blast. A very unimaginative beer and hard seltzer collection is also on offer, but even we won't drink a Miller Lite in a Taco Bell at noon for the sake of #content.



We're disappointed local management hasn't gone rogue and extended the breakfast menu's weekend hours beyond the standard 11 a.m. cutoff time, but we'll settle for starting off our day with a Crunchwrap Supreme. Our most expensive "entree" was a $6.49 power bowl that's frankly not that much worse than the dreck Chipotle's charging double for these days, and if you're a vegetarian you can practically eat for free. And if that's somehow not enough for you, Cinnabon's on the menu for dessert.



Drinks are crafted with care — our cashier added healthy helpings of liquor midway through pouring our Blasts, doing his best to provide an even mix (though it's a tall order; you'll spend half your meal stirring) — and then even offered to help us take these beautiful photos you see here. He did hand one of us the wrong flavor of White Claw, but it’s what we deserve for veering away from the brunch classics.



We suspect noon might not be the Cantina’s most popular time, given that we held down a table for nearly an hour without appearing to inconvenience any prospective diners, but this did give us plenty of time to catch up on the morning's news, since the disproportionately large TV was tuned to CNN. Ironic evocation of a doctor's waiting room aside, perhaps the Cantina's better experienced whenever exactly you reach the point in the night where you feel ready to down an entire Cravings Pack.

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