Cuba Libre Review
Cuba Libre Review
Cuba Libre Review
Cuba Libre Review
Cuba Libre Review



The three (3!) sangria options pack quite a kick, and we still feel a slight sense of shame about not making it through all six (6!) mimosa options. You have choices, and nearly all of them are good.



Conversely, the brunch menu has only five options; the trouble is they're all $17 and some combination of bland and unfilling.



For sitting at an outdoor table far from the entrance, we rarely faced the affront of an empty pitcher, and an unobtrusive spill even resulted in complimentary plantains



When outdoor brunching in Janurary, some modicum of comfort becomes the top priority, and Cuba Libre's heater game is absolutely on-point.

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January 13, 2024

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A single mimosa option's all that's on offer, but with saffron and some other mystery ingredients it doesn't get tiresome, and just as importantly, it's included with a brunch entree for the low, low price of $32.

July 15, 2023

Hank's Oyster Bar Review

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Classic brunch items are on offer and quite generously portioned, but if you're into beach-adjacent animals, we'd endorse switching over to the main menu

We're like the postmen. We brunch in rain, sleet, or snow

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