Medium Rare Review
Medium Rare Review
Medium Rare Review
Medium Rare Review
Medium Rare Review



The mimosas get the job done, and screwdrivers are on offer if they for some reason don't. Props are also in order for the surprisingly rare step of including coffee in the bottomless deal.



If you suffer from analysis paralysis, you'll be happy to know the only important choice here is exactly how you'd like your steak. If you're a vegetarian, uh, the free bread is pretty good?



Our waiter told us he "wasn't done with us yet" and brought us another mimosa carafe when we asked for the check, which just about sums up our experience.



Don't be intimidated by the seemingly traditional steak frites vibe -- there's a certain charm in waiters taking down everyone's orders in crayon on a hand-drawn tabletop grid and providing a generous helping of Bazooka gum with the (very reasonable!) check.

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