Provision 14 Review
Provision 14 Review



$23 may seem like a steep price to pay for bottomless mimosas, but that's before you realize they're served in a French press. Plunging each container before pouring is surprisingly satisfying and, let's be honest, looks pretty cool, too. Plus, their basil lavender option is a nice twist.



Getting two biscuits with a meal sounds like a great deal, until you bite into one and realize it may as well be a cracker. In all, that’s something of a theme here – the plates peak the moment the massive portion is laid in front of you. 30 minutes later, you’re picking at some home fries, debating whether a to-go box is even worth it. (It’s not.)



A busboy tried to clear our table before we'd gotten any food, which is generally not how that's supposed to go, but we only had that table at all because the hostess was willing to check her call history to confirm it was our group who had, in fact, been the ones to call ahead for a table. All's generally forgiven when the refill game is on-point, and our waitress knew exactly why we were there.



The location and Provision’s nighttime reputation make for a lively spot for 1pm on a weekend, especially if you can snag a table in the front bar area.

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