The Top 5 Reasons Why We're Excited Brunch is Returning to Normal

May 14, 2021

Brunching in a pandemic hasn't been all bad. Aside from the occasional bouts of COVID-inspired paranoia and guilt, there've been some positive developments -- DC's 6-person limit forestalled dreaded 8-person, 2-conversation tables, and everyone could use the increased vitamin D. But there are many things we miss, and we couldn't be more excited for DC to return to (mostly) normal:


Real Menus

These won't return everywhere -- once you save on printing costs, you might never come back -- but we're hoping at least some restaurants spare us the agony of getting the QR code to work and staring at our phones more than we already do. At brunch, phone use should be limited to tweeting and instagramming about brunch.


That Indoor Ambiance

There are only so many ways you can arrange outdoor seating -- here's a series of tables on the side of the street, again -- that returning to more creatively designed indoor environs will be a treat. It's about time we get our nooks and crannies back. Plus, some A/C would be nice.


Plus Ones

Not to delve too deeply into the Bottomless Bros' group chat, but it's safe to say our calendars haven't been terribly full over the past year. There haven't been many weddings, trips home, or any of the other excuses one might have for missing a brunch. But we were founded on a series of successful plus ones, and as regulars finally venture out of the District for a weekend or two, who knows who we'll scrounge up to take their place?


Server Interaction

Even assigning a service score at all during a pandemic felt a little strange (alas, we have scoring systems and layout templates to adhere to), but it'll be a blast to talk to our servers without worrying about whether we're transmitting a dangerous respiratory disease.


No Rezzos

With outdoor dining and social distancing inherently limiting the number of brunch tables available on a given Saturday, we've acceded to the reality that we have to reserve a slot. But it'll be fun to live a little, and bring back the adrenaline rush of showing up at 11:59 and hoping for the best -- let's make brunch spontaneous again.

We're like the postmen. We brunch in rain, sleet, or snow

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